Month: November 2021


Today we held our joint kick off meeting with Unit 74.  This was the first time we had all got together since the two Leader selection weekend camps.

The days purpose was to plan all the dates we will be looking to fill leading up to the Jamboree itself but also to have a briefing from Robert Sawyer, West Sussex Scouts County Commissioner. The briefing included us finding out for the first time the scale of fund raising we will all need to be doing, £4,000! This applies to all participants, both leaders and young people.

Obviously, it’s very early days on the Jamboree and there will be a lot of questions you will all have, but don’t be surprised if we don’t have the answers yet. Quite simply for a long time to come, you will probably hear us saying “We don’t know”. It goes without saying, we will communicate details out as and when we find out ourselves.

We do however know the actual dates of the Jamboree itself, 1st August 2023 to 12th August 2023 but we don’t know what date we will be flying, or whether we will be going direct or doing anything before or after.

The unit leaders are due to attend a camp with all other leaders attending the Jamboree and we are hopeful that we will have information to share after this.

But back to the planning!

Our joint planning sessions for the day started off with a blank canvas, or in our case, table. Below is the first combined team ‘selfie’!

Unit 73 & 74 Leadership Teams
Our key aim of our camps is for us to build our new Units and establishing them as our new Jamboree family. But we also want to ensure we work together with our sister units so have agreed we will hold both Unit Day trips and camps, but also joint camps.

The resulting session has given us a clear view of the dates we will be looking to hold camps and trips, both individual and joint and the dates are now available on the site Calendar and will be refined as we book camps and trips, but the initial kick off camp will be held at Tambridge House School on 22nd and 23rd of January 2022.

See you then!

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