Month: February 2022

Our first official Unit 73 camp! Team Building was the main focus and the Young People certainly did!

A-Frame Building, and racing then converted into a trip-pod (you can see it break on our TikTok link), badge and identity ideas, Korean BBQ stir fry for dinner, followed by a camp fire – with questionable cuckoo sounds!

Day 2 of the camp began with an early hike to get “a breakfast ingredient” which was a teaspoon of salt, they then continued with some knots and more identity ideas.

Such a talented group of young people, not only did we vote on the new unit name, but we also had a completed logo ready to get permission to use the design!

So we are now to be known as The West Sussex Wasps.

All in all, as Leaders, we are so proud to call this group of people our second family and cannot wait to spend more time with them!

Also a big thank you to West Sussex Scouts for letting us borrow the S.E.A.T (Scout Event and Activity Team). Their activities were the main part of this camp and we are ever grateful for the fantastic ideas and activities that they brought to the camp. Every single participant, including the leaders loved every activity.

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