Month: January 2022

West Sussex Jamboree Leaders

The Jamboree journey officially began this weekend the 72 West Sussex Scouts, and 8 Leaders selected for the 25th World Scout Jamboree in Korea in 2023. The two Leader teams from Unit 73 & Unit 74 welcomed the Young People to 2nd Horsham Scout Hut as one entity.

Starting the session off, they were shown this video of what to expect at the Jamboree which definitely built the excitement!

They then had a variety of activities to help them get to know each other, and they were then split up into groups and asked to perform a tableau as they entered the hall through the “Golden Curtain”.

Each team’s entrance was set to a different tiger based music piece, and what they didn’t know was these signified the Units they had been allocated.

Introducing Unit 73, led by Jacky, Nigel, Harry & Kayleigh!

Unit 73

Now that each person knew whether they were Unit 73 or 74, they then had a round of “Speed Dating”, including the leaders. We also managed to include the Young People that couldn’t join us in person due to Covid via Video Calls.

To continue with the Korea theme, dinner was a Korean Army Stew (Budae Jjigae), a bit of something for everyone! Each Unit cooked in patrols, and some were more daring with the chilli than others, but each patrol did an amazing job and it was tasty.

After dinner, Unit 73 bade farewell to Unit 74 and headed off on a 4km hike to 1st St Leonards Forest Scouts for their overnight stay, and evening of unit activities including the start of choosing the new unit identity. As you would expect, lots of excited people meant very little sleep a 5km hike to Tanbridge House School for the final part of the weekend ahead, a very early rise. An hours hike through Horsham, and we met some of Unit 74 heading to the school, all ready to meet their parents, and some of the West Sussex Scouts leadership team for a presentation by Jacky and Gary, followed by QA with the parents. In a separate hall, Harry introduced the YP to previous jamboree participants where they heard of their experience and had the opportunity to ask their own questions around the experience.

A fantastic weekend, made better by the amazing young people that are in the unit. We are all looking forward to our next camps, and the journey to Korea!

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